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  • FAQs

R&D & Design

Can your products carry the customer's logo?

A: The product can be brought with the customer's LOGO.

Can you identify your own products?

A: Absolutely. Our own products are engraved with the abbreviation of our own company name.

How are your products composed? What specific materials are available?

A: The housing is die-cast from aluminum and the connector is MADE FROM PA66.

How long does your mold development take?

A: We expect it will take 45 days from drawing development to production mold.


How long do your molds last normally? How do you maintain them on a daily basis? What is the capacity of each set of moulds?

A: Usually the normal use time of our mold is in "times" as a unit, and the mold life is 20,000 times. Whenever the product is finished, we will send the mold to the mold department for repair and inspection to ensure that it can be used normally next time. The production capacity of each set of molds is 20,000 times.

How long is the normal delivery time of your products?

A: The delivery time for off-season orders is 15-20 days, and the delivery time for high season orders is 20-25 days.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for your products? If so, what is the minimum order quantity?

A: The delivery time for off-season orders is 15-20 days, and the delivery time for high season orders is 20-25 days.

What is the size of your company? What is the annual output value?

A: The company has been established for more than 10 years and covers an area of 3,000 square meters. The annual output value is 6000w.

Quality Control

What testing equipment do you have?

A: Automatic image measuring instrument, salt spray test box, Vickers hardness tester and constant temperature and humidity test box.

Do your products have traceability? If so, how exactly is it achieved?

A:The company's products are traceable. Each product production order has strict control, and each time a road sequence is signed by the person's real name, so that we can directly find out which piece the product problem appears in.


How long is the service life of your products?

A:The product use cycle is

What are the specific categories of your products?

A: Aluminum enclosure、connector and ecu.

Payment Method

What are the acceptable payment methods of your company?

A: T/T, L/C, Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Cash


What online communication tools are available in your company?

A: WeChat, Alibaba, Google

What complaint hotline and email address do you have?

A: Email:boshunelectronics@aliyun.com
WeChat: boshun2012

Market & Brand

Which groups of people and which markets are your products suitable for?

A: Large-scale auto parts dealers, auto repair shops, high-end cars with high quality requirements. Mainly suitable for the automotive industry

How do your customers find your company?

A: 1.Website search; 2. Recommended by acquaintances;

Does your company have its own brand?

A: We have our own brand. We will develop new products in-house, and when the products are mature, we will put the products into the market for sale.

Which countries and regions have your products been exported to so far?

A: Mainly exported to Western Europe, North America and South Africa, we have also been involved in the sale of products from other countries.

Does your company participate in the exhibition? What are the specific ones?


Personal Interaction

What are the working hours of your company?

A: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Company and Team

What is the ranking position of your products among your peers?

A: The company is the leader in the domestic industry, we have a mature management system and advanced technical equipment, we are in line with the slogan of high quality, high service, focus on each product to achieve perfect quality.