• Automotive electrical ecu male& female connector 81 pin with terminal
  • Automotive electrical ecu male& female connector 81 pin with terminal

Automotive electrical ecu male& female connector 81 pin with terminal

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Brand Name: Boshun
Application: Automotive
Material: PA66
Model Number: BS832
Gender: Male
Current: Large needle 8–12a,small needle 2-4a

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The material we used to make this product is the PA66. To ensure the quality of the products, we have chosen all the good materials. The 81-pin connector comes in one colors, black, and is mounted on the ECU housing to connect to the internal circuit board. We can also provide other components such as terminals, blind blocking, sheath, etc. When making this product, our employees first classify the size and specifications of the needle, and then install the needle to the corresponding position according to the size of the mold. After installation, they will install it into the machine for processing. A perfect product is born not just in one step, we also need to test, adjust the repair, blow the gas (blow off the surface dust), packaging these several big steps.Electronic Control Unit (ECU), also known as "driving computer", "car computer" and so on. In terms of use, it is the automobile special microcomputer controller. Like a normal computer, it consists of a microprocessor (CPU), memory (ROM,, RAM), input / output interface (I / O), analog-to-digital converter (A / D), and large-scale plastic and drive integrated circuits. In a simple word, "The ECU is the brain of a car."



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